Friday, January 9, 2009

Oops! ... Found Bill...

So there I was, over at the Rott for some fun and a healthy dose of Right-wing hyperbolic invective...

(Good Times...)

Emperor Misha links a truly excellent article by Gary Graham (one o' them "Hollywood Conservatives I've mentioned before) over at Andrew Breitbart's new site, "Big Hollywood"...

(Breitbart's got a new site - who knew?)

So there I am, enjoying Graham's pissed-off-ness, when suddenly I look to the Right (a tendency of mine) and see none other than...

Bill Whittle!

Writing for "Big Hollywood"!

No short MuscleDaddy-esque blurb either, I'll have you know (I'll be remedying that soon, btw) - but rather a full-on Whittle-esque essay, the likes of which you poor starving saps-in-the-wilderness have been praying for over @ ejectejecteject!
(you know, the name that "E3" stands for?)

As you might imagine - it's great - no way around that.

So head on over there and get your fix - D4, you might want to add it in with the rest in the right sidebar.

Until next time - here I sit, bloggin' away and tripping over Whittle-writings, saving him the trouble of telling us about them,

- MuscleDaddy

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  1. Ha... I beat you to Bill by half a day, and to Gary by two days. Both excellent articles and must reads. I was surprised there was no link on Bill's site, but I have become used to long droughts there the past couple of years. At least he is writing again... I really miss the good ole days. :) ◄Dave►


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