Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Politico, aka: "Obama Tank-Depth Monitor"...

...joins in with some pre-emptive excuses for why Obama WON'T be able to lower the seas and heal the world.

Seven reasons for healthy skepticism

Okay - quick overview:

1) Just being "smart" isn't enough.

2) The economy is in trouble and one man (even The One) can't fix it.

3) The economy is going to get worse and one man (even The One) can't fix it.

4) He's far more prone to talking than making actual decisions.

5) He tends to be in the pocket of the Party or Special-Interests

6) He doesn't know enough to do anything but make it up as he goes.

7) The media won't be doing their job to keep his feet to the fire.

Well, Isn't That Special!

Sounds like all the same reasons we were giving for NOT electing him in the first place!

Hey, great job !

Oh, BTW - Where was all that analytical ability 6 months ago - you know, back when you were carrying Obama's water and bashing Sarah Palin?


- MuscleDaddy


  1. Actually, those same two - Vandehei and Harris - wrote an article about the MSM and Politico's bias against the McCain/Palin ticket back in October.

    The article includes the admission that There have been moments in the general election when the one-sidedness of our site — when nearly every story was some variation on how poorly McCain was doing or how well Barack Obama was faring — has made us cringe.

    Of course, with most of the conservative complaints I have read regarding this, when they decry the lack of unbiased coverage, they really mean they wish the MSM was in the tank for their guy. In sooth, nobody wants balance - they want boosterism and propaganda, and when the other side is perceived as getting all the goods, well, that really frosts one's cookies, doesn't it?

    I'm guessing it must also rankle members of Big Red that the left's idol provoked such a wild, celebratory mania worldwide, whilst the right's idol evoked endless scorn, derision and mockery of her intellect, education, and bumpkin-ness. It's a real slap in the face, a real wallop of condescension - it's no wonder there's such a groundswell of rage on the right.

  2. Tyrone,

    See - that's where you run off the track.

    We always could (and frequently did) disagree with Bush.

    The Left has absolutely cornered the market on idolatry.

    Honestly - "there have been moments"?

    Would those have been in the first seconds of regaining consciousness after yet-another hyperventilating Obamagasm?

    "when they decry the lack of unbiased coverage, they really mean they wish the MSM was in the tank for their guy."

    NotSoMuch - more like decrying the difference between "leg-tingles" and stampeding up to Alaska to see if they could 'prove' that Trig was really Bristol's baby.

    The 'groundswell-of-rage' comes from watching the bread-and-circuses-craving masses idolizing someone who has spoken & written of his desire and intent to change our Constitution and lead America down the primrose path to Big-S Socialism.

    "So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause."

    - MuscleDaddy

  3. MD

    See - that's where you run off the track.

    I often seem to find myself doing that!

    We always could (and frequently did) disagree with Bush. The Left has absolutely cornered the market on idolatry.

    I would agree with you, in general, that the right is more apt to prove critical of their own, whereas the left shills and swoons; but mayhaps that's because Republican politicians, once safely ensconced in office, tend to disappoint their truly conservative supporters before the dust has settled.

    Alternately, I have read plenty of Bush/Palin commentary that shoehorns everything into do-no-wrong pedestal placing. It's interesting that, whereas the Marx-monkeys moo over Barry because he's going to change to world and heal it with socialist love, many Palin supporters seem to prize, above all else, the fact that she annoys the left. It's curious the traits we seek out in our political leaders.

    Perhaps many of the MSM reporters had convinced themselves, after eight years of George W, that Palin was naught but the departing leader with a bra and no swizzle stick. Alternately we might find they felt that having the Republicans snuffing out the first black presidential candidate with the first female vice-president was a rank and insufferable presumption.

    I think that the left will begin looking askance at Obama once they observe that he is going to govern as centrist - possibly even slightly conservative - democrat, as I believe he will; and then the moonbattery will begin in earnest. Unfortunately for your side, brutal bear markets and financial melt-downs tend to encourage socialist panaceas. After all, it's not like the departing Republican administration was loath to hurl taxpayer dollars at the problem - initially with the barest of oversight - before they had even determined the depth of the rot or an overall strategy, was it?

    I found the slavish, breathless reporting on Obama's every move leading up to the inauguration ridiculous as well - and these are dangerous times for a charismatic leader amongst an electorate that looks to the president to solve every little problem - but I'm not quite ready to pronounce liberty at death's door - let's wait a few more months before that.

    Adios, amigo mío.

  4. Paules says,

    Obama will not fix the economy because all the answers are conservative policies. Fiscal austerity and tax cuts would do the trick, but Obama has political debts to pay. How does he tell Detroit's unionized workers no? Can he reduce the size of the federal bureaucracy? Once again, they're a unionized constituency. The only place he can slash without fear of repercussions is the military. Even so, national defense counts for only a third of all federal dollars spent.

    Meanwhile, it appears our new president wants to expand the role of government. Where does he intend to get the money? Borrow even more? Inflate the currency? Raise taxes? The man is simply incapable by temperament and ideology to do the right thing (assuming he understands what the right thing is). The iron laws of economy are immune to the powers of his august personality.

    Obama's moronic minions are ruled by emotion. Too bad. Numbers are stubborn things. You can't solve an algebraic equation with sentiments. The books balance, or they don't. A proper fiscal policy would rule out any new government initiatives. Period. End of story. Brothers and sisters, we are witnessing a calamity in the making. The economy is about to be shoved into the abyss.

    No policy can ever succeed if the underlying assumptions are faulty. Take global warming for example. We're about to spend billions on a phantom technology designed to cure a non-existent problem with government intervention. Nice. Strike one, two, three. Doomed from the beginning. I see vast tracts of desert scrub-land littered with decrepit windmills. Joe's Scrap Metal and Salvage will do a booming business.

    "Obama is the smartest man ever to enter the White House." I've heard this statement now from numerous sources. Can anyone offer me a shred of empirical evidence? More hype and change, I reckon. We are approaching a perfect storm in the history of the American republic. We have the wrong guy at the wrong place at the wrong time. God save the Republic!

  5. "Obama is the smartest man ever to enter the White House." You may remember (or maybe not) that the same people said the same thing about Jimmy Carter, too. Wrong then, wrong now.


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