Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm a Geek For Seeing This Comparison...

...but all I can think of is the liar's paradox from the "I, Mudd" episode of Star Trek.

"Al-Qaida No. 2 blames Obama for Gaza fight"

Apparently, Ayman al-Zawahiri - in support of the "Palestinians" - got on the airwaves and accused Obama of "not doing anything to stop" Israeli incursions into Gaza this week.
(looks like someone took Obama's "Office of the President-Elect" seriously ...)

He goes on to refer to the on-going conflict as "Obama's gift to Israel" before he takes office later this month.

Right now, in newsrooms and University faculty lounges across the globe, Lefties are staring blankly into space with smoke coming out of their ears and a small 30-GOTO-10 script echoing as it bounces around in their angry, angry little skulls:

"But, supporting Palestinians is Good."
"But, he is Critical of The One"

"But, slaughtering the Zionist Oppressor is Good"
"But, he is critical of The One"

"But, defying the BusHitlerBurton Indutrial complex is Good."
"But, he blames The One"

...almost as good as Harry Reid refusing to seat Burris - and being called 'Racist' for it.
(when everyone knows that Democrats can't be racist!)

At least, amid all of this, one thing is certain:

Al-Zawahiri won't be getting any NBC interviews anytime soon
... what with his being "so highly critical of President-elect Obama" and all...

Heh - Good Times.

- MuscleDaddy

1 comment:

  1. Al-Zawahiri won't be getting any NBC interviews anytime soon...

    Maybe he can get one on Fox News?


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