Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where to Begin?

I should probably should start with the shooting-war in Israel...
(seems to be getting some mention with a couple of the more remote news services)

Well, it was going to happen sooner or later - the former citizens of Egypt-and-Jordan have finally found the Israeli's saturation-point for rockets attacks into civilian areas .

Checked in with CNN last night, to see what the Anti-Israeli-Media had to say about it - sure enough, they've packed Anderson Cooper (I can never remember if he's a Kennedy or a Vanderbilt) off to Israel so he can look sternly into the camera and recite the DNC-approved mantra of:

"Many of the dead are children."

Of course, Anderson won't be speaking of their standard practice of using women & children as human shields
(a two-fer, since either the Israelis back down, enabling further attacks or the don't and they're monsters)

- because, you know - how could you spin that into "America is Bad"?

(the MSM's also shieking about a U.N. school being hit... yeah, THAT U.N. school)

Listening to Hugh Hewitt yesterday, I found that he had actually reached into the dark-side and interviewed Salon's Glenn Greenwald for a sample of how the Left thinks that Israel should be responding to the past 3 years of rocket attacks...

Typically, the answer is "Negotiation" - basically, he thinks that Israel should be able to deal with terrorist-organization Hamas, just as they were able to deal with the actual governments of Egypt and Jordan in years past.

He (and by extension, the Left at large) doesn't see that there is any difference between the government of a country that has terrorists - and a "country" where the goverment are the terrorists...

It's. Just. The. Same.

(Remember THIS? Remind me who broke that "truce"... and every other "truce" since then?)

Of course, he sees no need to get specific about what exactly the Israelis would use in any such negotiations - like, say - giving up useful lan...

...Oh, wait - tried that already.

Or giving the rocket-senders millions of dollars every month...

...Oh, wait - tried that already.

At the end of the day, the Former Egyptians/Jordanians could have taken all of that Gaza land , complete with its high-tech hydroponic Farms (read: "food-growing-stuff to feed your 'starving' people) and made a real country for themselves.

As Deroy Murdoch over at NRO so eloquently explains - they blew it.

They could have shown the world a noble people, capable and deserving of their own country - willing to work for their own betterment with the hand that ...well, that they dealt themselves... instead, they have demonstrated time and time again that they want nothing - absolutely nothing - but the destruction of Israel and the deaths of everyone in it.

Now they reap the whirlwind.

....unless you watch CNN/MSNBC/ABC/CBS et al....

Then it's just them murderin' Joooos' fault.... or Bush's fault... or Capitalism's fault - because there's never any other reason, right?

- MuscleDaddy


  1. Paules says,

    This is me standing guard on the Golan Heights. I hope it comes up hot. I swiped it off QTR. Svin has the original.


  2. Paules says,

    Dammit. Let's see if it works this way.


  3. Paules says,

    Double damn, you're just going to have to trust me unless someone can fix the link.

  4. Paules says,

    I went to Israel in 1988. Despite being neither Jewish nor a citizen, someone gave me a gun. Now how cool is that for a start? My little group of volunteers would occasionally venture off the kibbutz to see the antiquities. The rule was that anytime a group left the kibbutz in numbers more than four, someone had to carry a sidearm. I got the gun because the assumption was that in any group of volunteers (mostly European), the Yank was most likely the only one who knew how to shoot the damn thing. It wasn't long before it became "my" gun. But that's not my point. I was there in 1988, so let me give you the straight dope.

    Palestinians were ubiquitous in Israel during the year 1988. They came over from the West Bank and Gaza mostly as day laborers. They performed mostly menial labor, providing for Israel what Mexican illegals do for the U.S. today. At night they went home. The only incident I ever witnessed was rather peripheral. A group of Scandinavian ladies were admonished for sunbathing topless while the Palestinian laborers were about. Fair point. No need to provoke the hired help.

    The situation changed shortly after I left. You might recall a period during the ninety's when the Palestinians began arriving in Israel with bombs on their persons. A number of high-profile attacks in Tel Aviv and Haifa convinced the Israeli authorities to close the border. Sorry, no more day labor. Both Gaza and the West Bank were quarantined.

    The reaction by the Israeli government put the best sentiments of liberal Israeli citizens permanently on hold. Now pay close attention because I heard this first hand. The idea circulating around the kibbutz (Gal'ed by name) is that if you educated both the Israeli and Palestinian youth together in the same schools, the two groups would eventually inter-marry, find common ground, and create a blended society. The idea is logical if you assume that all people prefer liberty, material abundance, and representative government.

    Well, bad choices lead to dire consequences. The Palestinians opted for the wrong fork in the road. Dudes! You could have inherited the whole ball of wax. The Jews were willing to give it away. I saw it. I bear witness to the sentiments because I was there. And you stupid fucks threw it all away while the arch-criminal, Yasser Arafat, looted your neighborhoods and turned your best sentiments and opportunities into psychotic madness. So today you can just eat your folly with a healthy portion of bitter herbs.

    I was there. I saw it. I walked the Golan Heights with a carbine on my shoulder. And I worked next to, NEXT TO, Palestinian laborers in the field. Save the song and dance for someone else. The truth is the truth even if only one man know it. I think Gandhi said that. Works for me.

  5. Paules,

    Thanks for that insight - my own experiences with the Former-Egyptians/Jordanians was more in the "later" era and I never got to see the promise-that-was.

    (btw - 'the-american-knows-how-to-shoot' is the same everywhere - works for me)

    While I envy your perspective, it must be heartbreaking to have watched that potential pass from the scene.

    - MD


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