Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama promised "Change"...

...and now he has delivered.
Via 'This Ain't Hell' ...

We learn that the Shitbird-In-Chief is the first newly-inaugurated President in 56 years (that's 14 Presidential Inaugurations) to blow-off the “Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball”, which recognizes recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Apparently CMH winners don't make the Presidential short-list anymore...

So, where was Barry Soetoro - clearly too busy to be bothered with a bunch of 'old guys'?

According to the
Sofia News Agency, the evening went like this:

- The Neighborhood Ball,
(celebrities at the Neighborhood Ball at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center included Stevie Wonder, Shakira, Mary J. Blige, Faith Hill Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Adam Levine, from the Black-Eyes Peas, Sting and Mariah Carey.)

- The Home State Ball, for Illinois and Hawaii

- The Commander-in-Chief Ball, was next. Obama saluted the nation's military
men and women... via satellite.

- The Youth Inaugural Ball, where people between the ages of 18 and 35 gathered,
(Kid Rock and Kanye West )

- The Home State Ball for Delaware and Pennsylvania,

- The night ended with brief appearances at the Mid-Atlantic,

Western, (Marc Anthony)

Midwest, (Cheryl Crow)

Southernand Eastern regional balls.

Of course you can understand how The One would see hob-nobbing with Jay-Z and Kanye West as being more pressing than merely continuing a 56-year tradition of meeting with some of America's greatest heroes, right?

I mean - especially when meeting what other, lesser men might previously have considered an "obligation" would take him so far our of his way on the party circuit!

I mean honestly, all the way from the
Walter Williams Convention Center to the Renaissance Hotel?!?

Clearly, he'd have missed the chance to dance with Cheryl Crow!
Some perspective here, please!

Change... it begins here.

- MuscleDaddy

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  1. Evidently the Cummannder-in-Thief found it more rewarding to com-mingle with the vacuous and vapid, than have to face men of true


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