Sunday, January 11, 2009

This in from Don...

You might, reading these posts, occasionally get the idea that I'm a little concerned about the WOT, Obama's likely effect on our Constitutional freedoms, the otherwise (even without Obama) insidious approach of Nanny-State 'Big-S' Socialism into our society and culture and other various & sundry threats along such common veins.

You be right about that.

Here's an excellent example of why:

Our intrepid outlier and man-in-the-wilderness, Don, offers this video of a guy with - some might say - a perfect example of freedom.

Now having, myself, grown up in central Florida (somewhere between the Withlacoochee and Weekiwachee rivers), I can honestly say that I not only know this guy, but have set down to smoked mullet with him.... okay, not THIS guy - but you get the idea.

Try to imagine someone with THIS kind of freedom, trying to live his life in a country with all the extra Laws necessary to regulate that boat (for Safety, of course), his lamps (coal-oil???? coal's supposed to be bankrupt!!!), his stove (the environment!!!), his fishing (Obama's never seen a catfish - so they MUST be endangered!), his music (surely,someone's citation-worthy idea of noise pollution) ... and let's not forget... they mentioned hunting (sshhh...they use weapons for that!)

All Regulated, Taxed, Permit-ed, and Licensed - until only those who are "more equal than others" could ever hope to afford such a life.

This is why we continue to fight here, so that freedom the like of this man's shall not perish from the earth.

Don's favorite line (and mine):

"We had some a' that gub'mint cheese, but we ate 'fore you got here."

Sing it, brother.

  -  Muscledaddy


  1. Awesome! It made me homesick for the bayous of southern Arkansas. Buffalo are quite edible if you let 'em grow up; but I still prefer catfish. :) ◄Dave►

  2. That looks like it would be a BLAST!

    I played drums with a three piece group on the top of a houseboat while cruising down the Mississippi one day.
    Being in the "Bigger is better" phase of our ignorance, we moved two heavy speaker cabinets up top and damn near lost one of them in the drink while off-loading it.

    Yes, there was beer.


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